Friday, June 5, 2015

Patmos and Its Colorful Villages

Do you want to go on a short trip to Patmos? Today, we decided to take you on a short village tour! We gathered the information about the most colorful villages in Patmos. Take note of our tips in getting to these places. So the next time you visit the island, you'll be as comfortable as a local!

Take note of the sights and Patmos accommodation included in our article. It will be a great help for you if you consider traveling to Patmos. You should definitely consider going here to fancy over serene villages and vivid culture!


The first village you should find is the main town of Patmos. It is the most popular town on the island. Every tourist passes along the tiny alleys of Hora so they can visit the Monastery of St. John. The white splashed walls and cube-shaped houses are not anything new. The mansions built on a piece of land have been standing there since the 15th century. The structures, buildings, and houses built in Chora are the most expensive in Patmos. It was first owned by the Byzantine people back in the old days. Then these mansions are both by rich foreigners who became the residents of Chora.

The iconic Chora protects the wall of St. John Monastery.


Skala acts as the 'main city' of Patmos. It serves the only port in Patmos so you can expect a massive arrival of tourists here. Skala has all you need in a village. As the commercial capital of Patmos, it has developed establishments run by local families. There are several Patmos hotels in Skala. Each hotel offers a place where you can slack and loose before hitting your grand tour. One of these awarding hotels is the Chris Hotel in Patmos. By providing a five-star service, Chris Hotel have gained loyal customers whom they keep. It lies close to the shops and groceries in Skala. It owns a waterfront cafe bar too! What more can you ask out of a Patmos hotel that provides you an exclusive service? Same here. None anymore!

A scenic Skala port view from the porch of Chris Hotel's Cafe Bar.

The first residents of Skala had traded goods with pirates before. One of the assets that made this main port rich was their main source of living back then. Locals used to export embroided stockings for women. 


Not far away from Skala is the agricultural town of Grikos. A small village in Grikos is called Tragonissi, which means 'ram island'. This small area is populated only by goats and their carers. Oh, it makes the best goat stew! 

The distance from Skala to Grikos is only 4.5 kilometers. And the road that connects these villages offers a picturesque view of the coastline. This is why this has been a favorite for joggers! If you gotten so tired of running in the morning, take a good rest. You can check the daily menu served by local taverns in town. 

Are you traveling to Patmos this summer? Head to Grikos for a day if you want to get away from the bustling crowd. Grikos town is often less visited during peak season which is in August.

The magnificent coastline of Grikos.

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