Thursday, December 17, 2015

Patmos: The Best Island Wedding Guide in the Cyclades

Are you dreaming of having a romantic Greek wedding? Well, in case you're interested in pursuing that dream, we'll be more than happy to " help your ultimate wish come true! To have a beautiful island wedding is one of our biggest hopes in life. The laid back ambiance and the white and blue patterns in Greece makes your dream wedding look surreal. Patmos is one of the best islands where you can celebrate your wedding! Don't worry, from the reception to photographers and food, the island of Patmos has it well-arranged for you. Of why should you choose Patmos among other islands as a backdrop of your wedding, we can only tell you one thing- no overpriced wedding was ever honored in here.

Church Wedding 101
Patmos is blessed with an abundance of orthodox churches, chapels, and monasteries where you can hold your wedding ceremony. One of the most popular church we know in Patmos is the Panagia Koumana that sits on top of the hill in Skala Town. Locals and foreign lovebirds appreciate the setup more for the breathtaking scenery of the clearing and the picturesque town below.

Literally walking down the aisle.

Wedding Reception
From a family-owned tavern to a traditional Patmos hotel, you have a wide range of reception areas in Patmos. If you want your reception to be in a tavern, you can speak to the owner and make an arrangement regarding renting out the place or you can ask them if they service out catering wedding parties. On the other hand, if you'll go for the hotel, you can select the Patmos hotels located in Skala with an easy access of the Skala bay. Moreover, hotels often have their function rooms or gardens available for your wedding reception.

Chris Hotel in Patmos

If you really want to celebrate your joining of vows in a hotel, we only recommend Chris Hotel in Patmos as it is one of the hotels in Skala that is most beautifully carved along the bay. You may also enjoy rooms for couples at Chris Hotel and enjoy this once in a lifetime access to a top notch Patmos accommodation!

Chris Hotel in Patmos brings the perfect accommodation for newlyweds!

Wedding Organizers
One of the things that brought you here in Patmos is the availability of wedding services without paying for a hefty price of bucks. Just roaming around in Skala, you will see individual offices or shops that focus on providing wedding photography and videography, catering, as well as wedding organizers themselves. Get your wedding coordinated by a local and you will definitely make the most out of everything you'll pay for your dream wedding!

Prenuptial Photographs
We are all crazy for these "prenup" photos. Patmos in Greece is a lovely place to "pose and shoot" under the Aegean sun. You might want to have your prenup taken sometime during the sunset as the coast transforms to a hazy orange to red and here comes the dark. Let everyone witness your declaration of love in such a beautiful and paradise-like haven that is Patmos, Greece!

Sunset in Patmos, Greece

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Patmos Getaway: Arki and Marathi Islands

Patmos in Greece is the island where St. John is said to have written the "Apocalypse". Patmos is a tiny island compared to others yet, locals here have a big and warm heart. Anyway, when are you going to Greece? Our recommendation is to start your journey at Patmos Island! It is perfectly located in the Northeast wing of Greece. A fun way to heat up your holidays in the island is to visit the off-site islands named the Arki and Marathi islands. These are the islets off Patmos that you can easily access from Skala. Arki and Marathi will give you the freedom of traveling by your foot in an island stretch. If you're fine with logging out from your Patmos accommodation as well as unplugging from the town's crowd, you will definitely love Arki and Marathi in Patmos!

Arki Island
You can take a quick boat trip from Skala going to the Arki Island. As of today, the population in this islet is only 50. Yet, one step at a time, locals are finding their ways in improving the tourism industry in Arki. There are tavernas where you can eat for lunch, snack over a cheese pie or chug down a bottle of local wine. In Arki, the locals have built a few stone houses which were designed traditionally while some have been painted in white to emphasize the Cycladic architecture.

Did you know that there is still no asphalt roads built in Arki? This makes the island ideal for trekking! And that means walking to the sandy beaches surrounding Arki Island. It is also so easy for you to get lost in the island for there are barely no signs to 'spoon feed' you with the directions. But don't worry, you'll end up being at some beach instead. If you want to see and experience the Aegean water and the sun, you'll see most of the beaches in east and south direction. The best beaches in Arki are Limnari, Tiganakia, and Padelia. 

Marathi Island
Marathi is just one sail away from Arki and Skala. If you want to experience the Greek rural living, you must stop over at this island. You'll be surprised to find out that there are only two families residing and maintaining Marathi Island. Just like in Arki, Marathi owns a few taverns where you can taste the unique set of Greek dishes in Patmos. If you'll live happily by swimming and trekking, the island of Marathi is for you!

There is not much Patmos hotels in the islands of Arki and Marathi. You will have to sail back to Skala and search for the warmest hotel that offers you the biggest discounts.

Where to Stay in Skala, Patmos? 
You will find Chris Hotel in Patmos in the center of Skala town. It is situated in front of the Skala bay where you'll see a variety of yacht and ferries approaching the island. If you want to be in the center of everything, staying at the Chris Hotel makes you access every site such Arki and Marathi in just a snap! On the other hand, the quaint hotel in Patmos has beautifully arranged each 42 Chris Hotel rooms traditionally to spice up your stay. Spacious rooms with a wooden set of furniture are what they gladly show off to their guests. Moreover, staying connected with your family and friends is never a problem when lodging at Chris Hotel for you are entitled to use their Wi-Fi service for as long as you want!

Chris Hotel in Patmos, Greece

Visiting Chris Hotel during low season offer you the lowest rates! A single room that time would not exceed 30EUR! So better time your visit to Patmos in Greece!

A room with a balcony's view of the mountains and Skala bay in Chirs Hotel

Sunday, December 13, 2015

5 Best Beaches in Patmos, Greece

Do you want to know the best beaches in Patmos, Greece? You're in the right place! Patmos is not much of a big island, but it is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Greek archipelago. It is also dubbed as the 'Jerusalem of the Aegean' as it is the home of St. John the Theologian Monastery which was built during the 11th century. Aside from making their pilgrimage come true, most people go to Patmos for a refreshment, rest, and recreation. And being at the beach does a lot of this rejuvenating job already! Imagine yourself walking by the shore or seating on a sunbed in the middle of a remote beach. Or maybe sipping your favorite fruit drink in an awesome Patmos hotel

For the travelers who consider themselves avid beach goers, here are the 5 best beaches in Patmos, Greece!

1. Vaghia
If you are brave enough to endure the cold waters of Patmos, go ahead and drive your way up to Vaghia beach. It might not be a white sandy beach type, it is surrounded instead of tamarisk trees that make the breeze a bit colder at the beach. You are free to mingle around the cafeterias and bars that dots around the coastline.

2. Petra
Everybody wants a bit of adventure from time to time. Petra beach would be a nice setting for that. Once it has served as a habitat of small crows. There are stunning rock formations that have formed little caves from which you can rest. Petra is also famous for its water sports facilities.

Petra Beach

3. Psili Amos
If you don't mind walking (hiking) for about 30 minutes from Skala town, going to Psili Amos might just brighten your day more! It is one of the most popular beaches in Patmos for it is said to be divided into to areas: the one for the nudists and the one for families or other tourists who want to have a good time. 

Psili Amos Beach

4. Livadi Geranou
Next we have on the list is the Livadi Geranou which is a 12 km drive from Skala town. It is easily accessed via car or bus. This beach is perfect for the wanderlust who is looking to have an alone time from the crowd. It's a great way to unplug from all your worries (and responsibilities) from where you came from. You'll enjoy the taverna settled by the beach! Ask for the best-seller!

5. Kambos 
Kambos is the most popular beach in the island for it is the most organized water recreational site in Patmos as well. Most of the people you'll find here are families with their little kiddos. You can enjoy the sandy beach, water sports activities, and restaurant treats while in Kambos. There is also a variety of Patmos accommodation in Kambos as well as in the villages surrounding it. 

Kambos Beach
One of the best hotels we know is the Chris Hotel in Patmos in front of the busy yet beautiful Skala bay. If you are wondering why we called it the best hotel in town, it's because it offers a lot of perks such proximity to tourist places, beaches (Kambos), grocery store, and Chora. Next thing that we love about Chris Hotel is all about the facilities and services they provide to their guests. Such facilities are the 24-hour reception desk, breakfast hall, lounge, smoking area, and internet area. Not to mention the beautifully decorated rooms with the view of Skala Bay that the friendly hotel staffs maintain. If ever you'll be in Patmos anytime soon, don't hesitate to call Chris Hotel for a secured, relaxing, and unique stay while in the island!

Who wants to be here right now? - Chris Hotel in Patmos