Saturday, June 6, 2015

Patmos Offers Extravagant Shopping and Hotels

The saying goes by 'money can't buy happiness'. But how in the world shopping exists? It would be great to splurge money on yourself sometimes. Yet, if you can't help it, why would you bother boycotting shopping? 

In Patmos, prepare for a whole day of shopping. It's not like in the malls you have back home. If you are wondering why, well, let's just say the whole island is the mall itself! Patmos will make your dream vacation come true because there's endless shopping here. From antique stores to electronic shops. From food stores to wine and liquor shops. There are several little and big stores in Patmos that sell whatever you want! In some cases, you won't need to walk too far or get on a bumpy ride just to get to a store. By just looking around your Patmos hotel, you'd find a local shop that sells the goods you are looking for.Are you done with stretching your body and purse? Let's go shopping!

Clothing Store

Roaming around the cobbled streets of Patmos is one activity you can do. Clothing shops like Iliotropio in Skala offer what girls love. From the famous TOM's shoes to handcrafted sandals- they have a variety of the outfit you are aiming for! Got invited at a local wedding reception by some Greek you just met? Buying the perfect night-out dress is not stressful at all. You can find summer casual dresses at Iliotropio. Match it up with elegant accessories, and you're ready to rock the night out!

Food Shop

Who likes eating ice cream during the summer season? Us! Kids and the young at hearts, enjoy eating cold ice cream especially in a hot Greek Island like Patmos. Christodoulos is a pastry shop that offers handmade ice cream! Yes, they craft their ice cream from scratch! Maybe grab a bag of handmade cookie or two before you go on a day trip with your whole family. 

Are you looking for a bake shop and ice cream shop in one? Christodoulos has it for you!

Tourist Shop

If you still have an extra space in your luggage, why not bring a small part of Patmos art back home? No, shrugging your shoulders is not an answer. Well, if you go over your luggage weight, you can always ship it direct to your home address. Fair enough? We recommend visiting the Theocharis for handmade jewelry and gifts. Inside the shop, you'd see crafted collections of furniture. From wooden clocks to bed lamps, small vases, and fancy picture frames. They retail clothes, jewelry, and bags too.

A sneak peak inside the Theocharis Tourist Shop.

Tired of going hauling from one shop to another? You know the answer on how to finish your shopping plot for the day. Cocktails! 

There are many bars in Skala. In some cases, you'd find cafe bar or food cafe in a Patmos accommodation too. One of these amazing hotels is the Chris Hotel in Patmos. Chris Hotel serves you the best Greek food and drinks to pamper you. After the all-day shopping activity you did, sure enough that you'll regain your aura for a night out! 

Who wouldn't enjoy this perfect view while dining at the Chris Hotel Cafe Bar?

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