Sunday, December 13, 2015

5 Best Beaches in Patmos, Greece

Do you want to know the best beaches in Patmos, Greece? You're in the right place! Patmos is not much of a big island, but it is one of the most popular vacation spots in the Greek archipelago. It is also dubbed as the 'Jerusalem of the Aegean' as it is the home of St. John the Theologian Monastery which was built during the 11th century. Aside from making their pilgrimage come true, most people go to Patmos for a refreshment, rest, and recreation. And being at the beach does a lot of this rejuvenating job already! Imagine yourself walking by the shore or seating on a sunbed in the middle of a remote beach. Or maybe sipping your favorite fruit drink in an awesome Patmos hotel

For the travelers who consider themselves avid beach goers, here are the 5 best beaches in Patmos, Greece!

1. Vaghia
If you are brave enough to endure the cold waters of Patmos, go ahead and drive your way up to Vaghia beach. It might not be a white sandy beach type, it is surrounded instead of tamarisk trees that make the breeze a bit colder at the beach. You are free to mingle around the cafeterias and bars that dots around the coastline.

2. Petra
Everybody wants a bit of adventure from time to time. Petra beach would be a nice setting for that. Once it has served as a habitat of small crows. There are stunning rock formations that have formed little caves from which you can rest. Petra is also famous for its water sports facilities.

Petra Beach

3. Psili Amos
If you don't mind walking (hiking) for about 30 minutes from Skala town, going to Psili Amos might just brighten your day more! It is one of the most popular beaches in Patmos for it is said to be divided into to areas: the one for the nudists and the one for families or other tourists who want to have a good time. 

Psili Amos Beach

4. Livadi Geranou
Next we have on the list is the Livadi Geranou which is a 12 km drive from Skala town. It is easily accessed via car or bus. This beach is perfect for the wanderlust who is looking to have an alone time from the crowd. It's a great way to unplug from all your worries (and responsibilities) from where you came from. You'll enjoy the taverna settled by the beach! Ask for the best-seller!

5. Kambos 
Kambos is the most popular beach in the island for it is the most organized water recreational site in Patmos as well. Most of the people you'll find here are families with their little kiddos. You can enjoy the sandy beach, water sports activities, and restaurant treats while in Kambos. There is also a variety of Patmos accommodation in Kambos as well as in the villages surrounding it. 

Kambos Beach
One of the best hotels we know is the Chris Hotel in Patmos in front of the busy yet beautiful Skala bay. If you are wondering why we called it the best hotel in town, it's because it offers a lot of perks such proximity to tourist places, beaches (Kambos), grocery store, and Chora. Next thing that we love about Chris Hotel is all about the facilities and services they provide to their guests. Such facilities are the 24-hour reception desk, breakfast hall, lounge, smoking area, and internet area. Not to mention the beautifully decorated rooms with the view of Skala Bay that the friendly hotel staffs maintain. If ever you'll be in Patmos anytime soon, don't hesitate to call Chris Hotel for a secured, relaxing, and unique stay while in the island!

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