Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Patmos Getaway: Arki and Marathi Islands

Patmos in Greece is the island where St. John is said to have written the "Apocalypse". Patmos is a tiny island compared to others yet, locals here have a big and warm heart. Anyway, when are you going to Greece? Our recommendation is to start your journey at Patmos Island! It is perfectly located in the Northeast wing of Greece. A fun way to heat up your holidays in the island is to visit the off-site islands named the Arki and Marathi islands. These are the islets off Patmos that you can easily access from Skala. Arki and Marathi will give you the freedom of traveling by your foot in an island stretch. If you're fine with logging out from your Patmos accommodation as well as unplugging from the town's crowd, you will definitely love Arki and Marathi in Patmos!

Arki Island
You can take a quick boat trip from Skala going to the Arki Island. As of today, the population in this islet is only 50. Yet, one step at a time, locals are finding their ways in improving the tourism industry in Arki. There are tavernas where you can eat for lunch, snack over a cheese pie or chug down a bottle of local wine. In Arki, the locals have built a few stone houses which were designed traditionally while some have been painted in white to emphasize the Cycladic architecture.

Did you know that there is still no asphalt roads built in Arki? This makes the island ideal for trekking! And that means walking to the sandy beaches surrounding Arki Island. It is also so easy for you to get lost in the island for there are barely no signs to 'spoon feed' you with the directions. But don't worry, you'll end up being at some beach instead. If you want to see and experience the Aegean water and the sun, you'll see most of the beaches in east and south direction. The best beaches in Arki are Limnari, Tiganakia, and Padelia. 

Marathi Island
Marathi is just one sail away from Arki and Skala. If you want to experience the Greek rural living, you must stop over at this island. You'll be surprised to find out that there are only two families residing and maintaining Marathi Island. Just like in Arki, Marathi owns a few taverns where you can taste the unique set of Greek dishes in Patmos. If you'll live happily by swimming and trekking, the island of Marathi is for you!

There is not much Patmos hotels in the islands of Arki and Marathi. You will have to sail back to Skala and search for the warmest hotel that offers you the biggest discounts.

Where to Stay in Skala, Patmos? 
You will find Chris Hotel in Patmos in the center of Skala town. It is situated in front of the Skala bay where you'll see a variety of yacht and ferries approaching the island. If you want to be in the center of everything, staying at the Chris Hotel makes you access every site such Arki and Marathi in just a snap! On the other hand, the quaint hotel in Patmos has beautifully arranged each 42 Chris Hotel rooms traditionally to spice up your stay. Spacious rooms with a wooden set of furniture are what they gladly show off to their guests. Moreover, staying connected with your family and friends is never a problem when lodging at Chris Hotel for you are entitled to use their Wi-Fi service for as long as you want!

Chris Hotel in Patmos, Greece

Visiting Chris Hotel during low season offer you the lowest rates! A single room that time would not exceed 30EUR! So better time your visit to Patmos in Greece!

A room with a balcony's view of the mountains and Skala bay in Chirs Hotel

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